FAQ- GoldPrimeTime Network & the Legacy Card

    What are the benefits you receive from GoldPrimeTime
  • You immediately qualify for discount of up to 40% in all your purchases of Gold.
  • If you choose to be part of the group of successful people who are earning a recurring income, our system is a support mechanism that alerts you on the tips that our higher earning members use, you will have access to communicate, encourage and support your down-line so that you reach our exciting incentives! You can even communicate with members on your board so you can strategise to cycle quicker!
  • We have a support team that responds to every query.
  • You can finally, truly appreciate what it means to experience real financial freedom and build a lifetime legacy in gold!!

  • What is the product that GoldPrimeTime is offering you?
  • GoldPrimeTime offers easy access huge discounts through your membership package
  • This qualifies our members to attend our free open day at the SA MINT Of South Africa that will be announced to all the loyal members. This is a free benefit and all family members are allowed to attend.
  • You save money and see your money grow in all your gold purchases.
  • It is a product that anyone could buy even if there were no rewards plan, or if you chose not to be a part of the growing business opportunity.

  • How much does the product cost?
  • +/-$ 250 or ZAR 2500 and YOU QUALIFY FOR OUR LOYALTY MEMBERSHIP CARD? All membership fees should be directly deposited into the company's account. In the event that a party offers to take any membership fees on your behalf for joining purposes, the company will not be held liable for the outcome of such decisions / actions.
  • How do I purchase and register?
  • Purchase is possible through the purchase of an E-Pin voucher valued at +_$ 250 or ZAR 2500 by paying either directly into the GoldPrimeTime bank account or effecting an EFT. You can also pay using your Pay-Pal account; no one in the world is restricted from becoming a member of GoldPrimeTime. Our registration process will guide you with regards to filling the required fields. If ever a problem occurs, you can simply report a fault and our ticket log-in system will alert our ready support team to assist you.
  • GoldPrimeTime Banking details: GoldPrimeTime
    First National Bank
    Account No: 62160497767
    Branch: 254605 / Sandton City
    Current Account

    When do I receive my product?
  • All benefits are available once an account has been confirmed and you are able to communicate with GoldPrimeTime in order to activate your card and start purchasing or join GoldPrimeTime Network the team of our financially free members.
  • Do I pay any monthly fees to maintain my membership?
  • No. It's absolutely free to remain a member of the network and for annual purchases but if you are not a member of the network yes your will have to renew your membership.
  • When signing 2 members the same day you qualify for a whooping bonus between R300- R600 bonus , you also qualify to earn a residual income and receive incentives.
    What are GoldPrimeTime's payment frequencies? After having qualified, when does a member get paid?
  • We have a weekly cut-off at 11h59 pm every Wednesday. Payments are made on Fridays after the cut-off time. This means, our weekly cycles run from Thursday to Wednesday. All members who qualified from Thursday to the Wednesday of the next week will have their payments processed on Friday after the cut-off time.
    How old do I need to be to join GoldPrimeTime Network?
  • A person needs to be sixteen (16) years or older.
  • Can we join as a bulk of people using one person's ID Number?
  • No. Everyone who joins GoldPrimeTime has to join with his or her own ID/Passport Number (one ID/Passport Number per member). Our business doesn't allow multiple members using the same ID Number.

  • What are GoldPrimeTime's trading hours?
  • Our offices are open from Monday to Friday from 08h00 to 17h30, and on Saturday from 08h00 to 13h30.
  • How do I earn incentives?
  • Incentives are paid when certain performance criteria have been reached. These incentives are based on a team effort where a team leader gets rewarded when he has managed boards and his boards are filled, incentives are board specific. Please refer to the 'How it works' section for more information on the incentive amounts and when do they apply.

  • FAQ- How to invest in Gold
    Q1-How much is the industry worth? Answer - 218 Billion US Dollars
    Q2-What is a Krugerrand? Answer-Krugerrand is the South African brand name that people associate with gold from South Africa.
    Q3- Who can invest in krugerrands today? Answer-Anyone interested in this type of venture can contact any reputable dealer like GoldPrimeTime for a proper sale of Krugerrands.
    Q4-Where do I keep them?
  • Answer-We always advice people not to keep them at home to avoid any possible negligence or loss of investment and GoldPrimeTime do provide safe custody for members only. We also guarantee a buy back only if we keep them for you.
  • Q5-What is the difference between a proof kruggerrand and bullion kruggerrands.
  • ANSWER-Proof is limited and minted buy the SA Mint and is of finest quality.Bullions are manufactured by the Rand Refinery and they have an unlimited supply
  • Rare Coins

    What are Rare Coins?
    Rare Coins are produced in a limited supply their value is determined by high demand because of scarcity e.g Mandela Coins, Protea Coins, Natura Coins, Fifa Coins, Peace Parks and South African circulation Coins.
    What are Medallions?
  • Medallions are not a legal tender they are just a metal content and they do not carry more value than the rare coins in most cases.

Welcome to GoldPrimeTime Network! May you never be the same again!

Our Focus

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Our Core Business

The core business of GoldPrimeTime is to educate the masses on investing in gold as a formidable way of participating in the mainstream economy towards sustainable long term empowerment!

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GoldPrimeTime is making significant strides in various countries across the globe! We are implementing a global strategy that will enable us to service the broad and diverse global market worldwide! Contact Us Here to find out more about the services we offer in your country.