Marketing Place

The market place is a great platform to showcase or sell your available points or portions to the public. It also offers our clients a private platform to discuss prices (one on one) without any involvement of third parties. The market place will grow faster and offer other gold products available in the market for sale.


Residual income

The residual income is the backbone of the business and the most important product for our clients to concentrate on and build a huge team with just a minimum of 500 points per portion bought on a monthly residual purchase. Resellers have a great chance of recouping value in partnership with Gold PrimeTime reseller program which allows members to sell their portions for profit and pay the amounts due to Gold Prime Time for our joint purchase plan. Gold Prime Time will incentivize the members that have a group achievement of 100 people,1000 and 2000 in all the levels combined. A minimum of 10 directly introduced is required for this qualification.

  • Members with a total of 100 (3 levels combined) will receive krugerrand incentives of a KR4 DURING OUR South African Coin Fair held in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape town each and every year.
  • Members with a total of 1000(3 levels combined will receive krugerrand (KR full troy ounce) during our South African Coin Fair held in Johannesburg ,Durban and Cape town
  • Members with 2000 group members in all 3 levels combined will receive a trip to the international Coin fair held each and every year in Davos.

“Be part of this exciting journey”
This allows for the building up of a strong team and a huge investment allocation at the end of the 60 months. All monthly debits will allow for the release of the MONTHLY income PAYABLE to a member on a monthly bases.

Board matrix

The board matrix is our unique platform to incentivize the members that want to refer other members and get only a portion of (500 points) and the online course offered by Gold Prime Time. The education will build a well-informed society through our Gold Investment Online course which is a must for all the members in our board matrix promoting our products and services.

The first board matrix is a joint board automated by the system in a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASES as members are signing for our membership. Members are not compelled to recruit 2 people to qualify for board commissions and payouts. The follow your leader will apply on all other boards except for the FIRST BOARD this will make the most exciting board matrix our time and not compelling people to push boards with multiple username for the sake of earning commissions on the boards.

All countries will benefit from this combined board matrix but it is compulsory to train all our members on the Gold Investment Online Course as a fundamental base to assist our members make informed decisions when they buy coins or invest in gold in their life time.


The joint effort will make it possible that we quickly celebrate the balance between investors in our co-ownership program and millionaires in the matrix referral system.