Gold Investment (Accredited online Course):

This course will be a cornerstone for all our investors and resellers that want to find opportunities and work at Gold Prime Time by selling our products and services. The skills acquired will make it simpler and easier for our investors and resellers to sell our products and understand the pros and cons in investing in Gold. The industry capitalise on a lack of information about buying into coins hence the positive impact and the significance of the Gold Investment Online Course. The most important subject here is how Gold affects our currencies.


Krugerrand Coins

Krugerrand is money in a form of Gold and Silver. Lately we see it produced in pure Silver which makes it even more affordable to the general public.
It comes in four denominations KR, KR2, KR4 and KR1O.
KR represents one troy full ounce of Gold.
KR2 represents half troy ounce of Gold.
KR4 represents a quarter troy ounce of Gold.
KR10 represents a tenth of a troy ounce of Gold
The price of this coins is relative to the gold price of the day. Monday to Friday when the AMERICAN MARKET opens for the day.
NB: It is important to buy these coins from reputable dealers to avoid disappointments in buying counter fake krugerrands from the market

Rare Collectable Coins

Rare collectables coins comes in different types recognizing the significant people of our history, places of importance in our history, Nature (plants) ,animals of our time and past era and also climate changes of our time. “It is regrettable that the very coins produced to benefit South Africans especially the amazing Legacy of Madiba does not find the market locally instead it is shipped to overseas markets. Coins like the Mandela De-Klerk Gold Sets, Mandela 90th Birthday Set 2008 and many more are not in the hands of South Africans as a token to appreciate and celebrate the life of the struggle Icon Nelson Mandela.” The biggest question: If this generation does not have even a share of the moment due to socio economic conditions what are we going to show the next generation about the legacy of the struggle icon?


Co-ownership Program 2018

The co-ownership products is a master piece program designed by Gold Prime Time to afford the general public and our clients an opportunity to buy coins cheaper and affordable through buying portions or shares in GPT allocated coins. The notion to say only the rich invest in Gold has come to an end through this program where Gold Prime Time in a joint purchase with investors buys into portions of various coins each and every year as per the allocation made available for purchase by Gold Prime Time. This is one way to afford the general public an opportunity to share in the minerals of our country and be proud of the production of this coins by our local and international mints around the world. The emphasis is made on sharing in the Legacy of Madiba through this amazing sets of coins beautifully crafted to benefit all SOUTH AFRICANS.
The minimum ceiling per portion is 500 points equivalent to R500 in 2018 and also subject to change due to inflation and change of prices or value each every year.